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Zensah Dezign Compresson Leg Sleeves

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Zensah's DeZign Line of compression leg sleeves provide athletes with colorful patterns, while still providing superior athletic performance. The DeZign Compression Leg Sleeves help to provide shin splint relief, calf support, and improve muscle recovery time.

  • Improve Circulation and Decrease Muscle Recovery Time: Through utilizing graduated compression, the compression leg sleeves feature most compression in the ankle area and the least in the calf area. This helps to improve venous return and leads to faster muscle recovery, allowing you take your workout to the next level.
  • Relieve Shin Splint Pain and Calf Cramping: Shin splint pain is alleviated thanks to compression stabilizing and providing support to the shin area. Improved circulation helps to decrease calf cramping, allowing you to run longer and harder.
  • Perfect for all athletes and more:  Use the DeZign Compression Leg Sleeves while in the gym, traveling, running, playing tennis, and more. Our sleeves fit comfortably for hours. The stylish designs allow you to look great while still gaining all the benefits of compression.
  • Ultra-Comfort + Superior Performance: Made of moisture wicking and anti-odor material, the DeZign Compression Leg Sleeves stay light and dry even during your toughest runs. Made in Italy of ultra-comfortable Zensah fabric, the DeZign Leg sleeves are seamless – meaning they do not have any tags or seams to cause chafing or irritation.
  • Sold as a pair: The DeZign Compression Leg Sleeves are sold as a pair – i.e. two leg sleeves per purchase.
  • Made of 82% Polyamide/18% Elastane

Looking to stand out, match your newest workout gear, or want an original design for your upcoming race? The Zensah DeZign Compression Leg Sleeves offer fun new designs and patterns.

Whether using the DeZign Compression Leg Sleeves for running, tennis, or cycling, the Zensah Sleeves provide not only a fun and colorful design, but help athletes to achieve their goals. Graduated compression in the leg sleeves improves circulation, thereby decreasing muscle recovery time and allowing athletes to train harder and longer. The compression also helps to stabilize leg muscles to prevent injury and reduce shin splint pain while running. Improved circulation also relieves calf cramping.

Made in Italy of ultra-comfortable Zensah fabric, the compression leg sleeves are moisture wicking, anti-odor, and ultra-breathable. Legs will stay cool and the sleeves will not become heavy with perspiration. The DeZign Leg Sleeves fit slightly more snug than the originally item 6055 Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves.

When choosing a size, calf size should be used as the primary determinant. We list height for those who do not know their calf size.

 Calf CircumferenceHeightCalf CMHeight M
 S 9.5" - 12.5" 5' 3" - below 24 - 31.5cm 1.60m - Below
 M 12.5" - 15" 5' 4" - 5' 10" 31.5 - 38cm 1.63 - 1.78m
 L 15" - Up 5' 11" - Up 38cm - Up 1.80m - Up

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